Dear Jehovah's Witnesses...

I was on your official website today, and read the following:

...the Bible teaches that Jesus was created by God.


Jesus’ early followers did not view him as being equal to Almighty God.

Admittedly, I knew you believed this before I visited your site.  In fact, previous research had revealed to me that you believe Jesus to actually be one and the same as Michael the archangel.

I can't agree with this.

Could we, in a spirit that honors Jesus, talk about Jesus?

I think we would agree that no topic is of greater importance.  Jesus himself said:  "If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also" (John 8:19; 14:7).

With hopes for meaningful, truth-seeking exchange, I submit for your consideration my latest post, Who Was Jesus of Nazareth?  If, after reading it, it seems to you to misrepresent what the Bible teaches about Jesus, would you please share why?

Thank you.