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Summary:  Does the New Testament authorize the use of instrumental music in the worship service?  What Biblical and historical evidence exists that support the absence of instruments in Christian worship?   Join Rick as he considers whether instruments play a legitimate role in the worship of God.

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  1. I am really excited to hear your Bible truth emphasis.If you have some materials to send for my learning please send them to me.I am interested to know your belief and pract My address:P.O. Box 81013 Davao city,Philippines 81013

  2. @Mark Robinson
    Hi Mark, thanks for joining the discussion. Yes, I agree there is a “dearth of actual real teachings from the Bible about the truly spiritual things of God.” The religious community would do well to turn itself to the commands, models, and teachings of God’s word.

    As you implicitly noted in your comment, the site is purposefully not inspirational in nature. We strive to be informative by covering a wide range of topics, only one of which you find on this page. Since we endeavor to serve a large audience with various levels of Bible knowledge, we aim for the middle, which is generally regarded as a sound educational approach. While you might find some material elementary, I assure you that is by design. Not everyone possesses the same knowledge base.

    I would be remiss if I did not point out that the video is about the use of mechanical instruments in the assembly, not music itself. Unaccompanied singing is the NT’s teaching. This is amplified by history and numerous well respected expositors. For some, the absence of mechanical instruments in a Christian assembly is a revolutionary concept. But their absence makes the worship service far more spiritual and truthful.

    Regards. Wade

  3. @Wade
    It’s because of the deficiency and dearth of actual real teachings from the Bible about the truly spiritual things of God. A teaching about whether or not to use music in the meeting is actually a non-issue. What is the real tragedy is that the man was not adding anything new or spiritually profound to our understanding concerning subject matter from the scriptures, which made the teaching sound like a board of directors meeting. I come to these blog sites to have something added to me to encourage me in God and to fire me up on the truth. But not many people seem to be doing anything profoundly intelligent with the Bible in their sermons to help the rest of us find out who we truly are in Christ, and what we really have as far as a real identity as the new man, and the power from on high that we could be using in our lives, if somebody would really teach about those things and help us, Wade.

  4. Your observations make me wonder why religious leaders stoop to such levels. Has our culture become so accustomed to musical accompaniment in theatrical or cinematic productions that audiences require constant aural stimulation in order to remain engaged? Is it to encourage people to abandon intellect in favor of emotion? Are audience members so separated from the content of their faith that the only way to evoke religious, emotive responses is through music? I don’t know the answer, yet I suspect the reasons are varied and subtle. Like you, I am troubled by the use of music, particularly when it is used as a manipulative medium. Nothing stirs up emotion in a crowd like music whether it be patriotic, political, or religious. If the church is to be different than the world, why do religious bodies adopt worldly tactics in order to move their audience? It troubles me exceedingly.

  5. I found this very informative. I have been to several worship services where I felt that music was being used to manipulate the emotions of the crowd. It is similar to going to a concert, you start to feed off the energy of the crowd and it can become very mind boggling. I have also discovered that many “new wave” churches have entire classes in which they train their pastors on how to incorporate music while they preach to set a mood and invoke certain emotions in their parishioners. Crazy stuff.

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