“Not of Works” vs “Justified by Works”

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2 thoughts on ““Not of Works” vs “Justified by Works””

  1. @Maureen Adams Thanks for your comment Maureen. I’m not sure where we disagree. After discussing various types of works that do not justify, I acknowledge God’s pleasure in works of faith. I agree wholeheartedly with your post and will only add one comment: works performed by faith please God only because of Christ’s sacrifice. The cross enables us to please God with our faithful deeds by removing the debt of our sins. Without this grace, we could never please Him no matter how many good things we might do. If there is some particular point in the video I can clarify further, please let me know. Thanks for your interest in the truth!

  2. We are justified by faith and deeds. Not idle works like circumcision, hand washing etc. nor the sinful works. I think you err when you say our good works would somehow indebt God to us. Our debt to him is so great no amout of works can make up for but I think it pleases him if we try. Consider if you deeply offend your wife. You can say you’re sorry or say you’re sorry and send flowers, make breakfast etc. Do the acts wipe out the offense? Of course not. Does she appreciate if you at least make an effort? I hope so.(This is called reparation) Matthew 25:31-46 explains the importance of good works (faith works). Revelation 22:12 says we will be judged according to our deeds. Unfortunately, Martin Luther added the word alone to the scripture 1500 years after it was written. Protestants have downplayed the importance of what we do with our lives and how it can affect our salvation.

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