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Let’s Reason Together is dedicated to the proclamation of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and a discussion of His teachings.  This site is not sponsored by any religious organization.  This is not a church, missionary society, school, or any other formal religious body.  A group of like-minded Christians collaborated to create this site.

As he stood before the Son of God, Pilate asked, “What is truth?”  In a world filled with varied and conflicting ideas about religion, a lot of us can relate to Pilate’s question.  The mission of Let’s Reason Together is to discover truth through a discussion of God’s word.  The site’s contributors do not presume to be the final authority on any subject.  Jesus Christ is the Master; the rest of us are disciples.  However, we do believe the Lord’s will can be discerned through prayerful study, meditation, and discussion.  We invite your questions and comments as we seek to understand the Lord and His message.

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  1. A story of Jesus that comes to mind here is the story that Jesus told about the loving father (sometime referred to as the lost son) in Luke 15:11-32. The story touches many topics regarding faith, free will, repentance and so on. It relates here because it is clear that the sons had free will to decide their standing with the Father. The main son in the story chose his own dangerous path and finally realized his selfish and sinful error. He chose to return in humbleness and my favorite part of the story is how the Father expressed joy and, I believe, forgiveness before the son asked. The Father allows free will and guarantees nothing unless we make the correct choice. When we chose the correct path; the ONLY way, then the Father rejoices and embraces us.

    Of course, the predestination believer may say that this parable of Jesus is really meant to be tell a story that is more narrow and is simply about forgiveness. While I don’t agree, I also know that even Jesus had free will while here on earth. Heb. 5:8 Although he was a son, he learned obedience through what he suffered. To obey means that you can disobey. I’d say that that is free will. Praise Christ that he did obey the Father.

  2. @Shaka Abhraha Clapton Praise God for your faith and thanks for your encouraging words. I agree, the popular idea that our free will has no role in our salvation is troubling. God chose those who choose Him. Jesus died for the sins of the entire world and salvation is available to all mankind. Thanks for commenting and I hope you return in the future.

  3. I am so very impressed by the article of salvation to all. Well, this what I always have believed and still do. However, I have been sick about this modern gospel about salvation and the so called chosen already. Well, I am writing a book and was sicking more knowledge them found this article very impressive.I hope we could ink for Christ ministry in China or where you’re. I am happy really. God bless you more.

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